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Let’s take a moment to consider the merits of WETT Inspections – and highlight an easier approach Sellers can take when it comes to wood stoves and fireplaces.

“WETT Inspection” refers to the inspection of any wood-burning system in a home. A WETT (Wood Energy Technology Transfer) certified professional assesses the system to determine whether it meets minimum requirements established by the applicable Code.


HOME INSPECTIONS: “A kettle of fish”

Anything beyond a Level 1 visual inspection is outside the Scope and Limitations of a Buyer’s home inspection – even if the home inspector is WETT certified. During a Buyer’s inspection, we are not in a position to disassemble or disrupt the Seller’s property. This limitation sometimes results in the Seller being asked after the home inspection, to provide the Buyer with a Letter of Compliance (often referred to as a WETT Certificate.)

So, when should the WETT inspection be performed?

Much like having the septic tank pumped out, if a Seller has a paid service invoice from a WETT certified person, or a Letter of Compliance in hand at the time the property is listed for sale, there will be no need for a further WETT inspection – and no need for the time and trouble of writing amendments, or dealing with any other undertakings.


A Seller who pays for a WETT inspection may be further ahead than one who has to renegotiate as a result of a Buyer’s home inspection.


WETT certified professionals can be easily located at www.wettinc.ca Sellers should look for individuals who are listed as “technicians, installers or chimney sweeps.” These are the people with the tools and expertise, who are ready to clean and prepare wood burning installations for a trouble-free sale!


Gil Strachan, Certified Home Inspector
Electrospec Home Inspection Services, Trenton, ON



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